Mid-State Masonry is committed to providing three main aspects of our work culture. First, a culture in our industry that focuses on relationships with our clients and company personnel. Secondly, we believe that safety must be first, and it must be personalized. Each team member must take interest for their safety and the safety of the job sites where they work. We believe that our team members are our greatest asset and the safety of our team members is our foremost concern. And finally, Mid-State Masonry offers a positive solution based management system from the estimating department to project management that trickles down the field operations. It is a positive thought process that will serve architects, contractors, and owners alike. We want to help transfer our knowledge into options that provide the client value.

Three Phase Process

At Mid-State Masonry, we break down our overall process into three main phases. This allows both us and the client to focus on very specific tasks throughout the completion of the project. Our three phases are:

  1. Bid Process:The construction bid process is the process in which we select to bid or are invited to bid on upcoming projects. In some cases, the only thing that matters in the construction bid process is presenting the lowest price to the owner; in other cases, the contractor’s qualifications are as important, if not more important, than having the lowest dollar amount. Knowing how to bid construction jobs makes the difference between success and bankruptcy for a construction contractor.In today’s marketplace, the best way on how to bid construction jobs is to allow a capable estimator with years of experience work with a computer program to come up with the best (and lowest) possible cost. Construction bid software can be very general, covering the entire project, or it can be highly specific, depending on the contractor’s needs
  2. Construction Process:The construction process involves many stages from project planning to project completion. Mid-State Masonry works from day one of being awarded a project to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.
  3. Project Closeout:The last mile. Make sure the project is really completed. The goal of an efficient construction closeout process is to make sure the construction punch list work and other closeout documents and procedures are addressed without delays that could adversely affect you


Create Estimate

Mid-State Masonry uses Tradesmen’s 3-D software to estimate each project. This software gives us the ability to cut take-off time in half, eliminate costly mistakes, go paperless, take advantage of BIM modeling capabilities, increase productivity, and give an enhanced presentation. This software enables us to develop budgets and establish cost baselines. It is all located in one easy to find file.


Submit Bid

Once the bid has been submitted to all general contractors interested in the project, we wait for a response to our proposal. In many instances, the general contractors will request clarification on portions of the work, and Mid-State works thoroughly to answer each question and clarify any lingering details that would allow us to be awarded the project.


Pre-Project Planning

Once awarded the project, we begin organizing all details that will allow us to fulfill our estimate to include all submittals, shop drawings, and long lead item ordering.



When all pre-planning details are finalized, we begin moving all necessary materials, machinery, tools and teams to the project site.



This piece of the project is when everything comes together. This includes construction of the exterior and interior masonry walls with eventual completion of the exterior brick veneer and cast stone (if applicable).


Clean Up

With construction completed, our crews will begin cleaning the project site so that it is left in a presentable fashion. We will also complete the final punch list of items needed to wrap up the on-site portion of the masonry project.



Our team will remove all materials, equipment, and tools brought to the project site.


Review Punch List

Mid-State Masonry addresses the final punch list, and any other issues hindering the turning over of the building to the owner, immediately as not to delay the occupancy of the building.


Close Project

Once all issues are addressed, Mid-State Masonry will close the project out by providing the owner with all necessary attic stock and warranties as set forth in the project specifications.