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A community is made up of not just its people, but the businesses and organizations within it. That’s why it’s important to reflect the strength of your business or organization – and the community as a whole – in your building and its masonry.

Seen by both residents and visitors alike, the state of the buildings in any given community sends a strong message, whether it be good or bad. Having an accomplished and honest mason complete your new construction, make repairs, or uplift your existing structure can make the difference in how your business reflects on your community.

From local organizations to community-use spaces, Mid-State Masonry has a wealth of experience in completing projects that have a wide-reaching impact. Just a few of our examples are listed below. If you would like to inquire further about our experience, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss our expertise and how it may serve your needs.

Grey Brick Wall

Salvation Army Kroc Center of Augusta

Location: Augusta, GA

General Contractor: R. W. Allen & Associates

Complete: 2011


South Carolina Bar Association
Location: Columbia, SC

General Contractor: Summerfield and Associates

Complete: 2010


Shives Funeral Home

Location: Columbia, SC

General Contractor: Buchanan Construction

Complete: 2014

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