Because masonry is a time-honored profession, many historical buildings throughout South Carolina are built with brick and stone. As these buildings age, they require restoration work to prolong the building’s lifespan and preserve the older stone and brickwork.

While stone is one of most durable of building materials, it is also the most susceptible to damage through abrasive cleaning methods and improper repair techniques. At Mid-State Masonry, we understand the special care involved in restoring historical buildings to their former glory through careful, professional restoration work.

Identify and Preserve the Existing Structure

Our first step in any restoration project is to identify the masonry features that are critical to retaining the original historical character of the building. We strive to stay true to the original design work and details in the building’s masonry features, such as walls, cornices, steps, and columns. We match the existing unit size, color, and tooling so that any restoration work we do blends seamlessly with the existing structure.

Professional Protection and Maintenance of Existing Masonry

Next, we ensure that the masonry work is protected over the long term. Water is one of the biggest enemies of construction, and one of the first steps in protecting and maintaining masonry work is to ensure that rainwater is channeled away from the building as quickly as possible. Allowing water to accumulate in curved stone structures or stand flat on horizontal features is detrimental to the structure over time.

Special care must be taken when maintaining historical masonry work. Harsh sandblasting or power washing may be an expedient way to clean the outer structure, but these harsh measures will certainly damage the stonework. When historical masonry work requires cleaning due to heavy soiling, care must be taken to treat the existing stonework gently.

Masonry Repairs

When there is evidence of deterioration, simple maintenance and protection measures will not be sufficient. If the actual mortar is disintegrating or the building has loose bricks or stones, we recommend gently removing loose masonry by hand rather than with power tools that can cause further damage. Once the area is cleaned and ready for installation, we duplicate the old mortar in strength, composition, and color so as to match the existing masonry work as closely as possible.

At Mid-State Masonry, we have decades of masonry experience in the fields of new construction and restoration work. We expertly identify and assess the necessary restoration work and deliver a finished product that retains all the historical beauty of the original structure while lasting for years to come.

If you’re in need of a masonry subcontractor to restore your historical building, contact us today with details of your project so that we may offer you our bid.