Joel Temples


Joel Temples

As a fourth generation mason, Joel Temples has spent almost his entire life around the masonry industry. His father had a small residential masonry company, and in 1970, Joel entered the masonry industry himself as a part-time worker. After just two years, he made masonry his full-time career.

Knowing that he always wanted to own his own company, Joel and his brother opened T&T Masonry in 1974 at just 19 years old. Together, they grew their company from five employees to 175 employees in just 16 years.

In 1990, Joel and his brother parted ways to each focus on more specific aspects of the masonry industry. This is when Mid-State Masonry was formed to serve the commercial masonry needs of the area.

Joel believes that people make the difference, which is something he regularly experiences in his line of work. He’s been privileged to work for and with many great people and companies that have made even the most difficult situations easier.

Always on the lookout for a project, Joel has his builder’s license and enjoys flipping houses in his spare time. You can also find him playing the guitar or settled down with a great book.

Born and raised in West Columbia, SC, he and his wife still live in the area. They have two children – a son, who is a junior at USC, and a daughter, who is in middle school – and two dogs.